Saturday, 15 Mar 2014

A State Of Trance 650 – After Party


In 2011, they first landed on our planet and brought the ASOT virus. In 2012, they called for back-up, and invaded our hearts with music. Last year, the cadets went on an expedition to bring the love for music to every corner of the earth.

This year, for the first time ever, ASOT650 ID will land in Jakarta.
ASOT650 ID also feature an official After Party at the Colosseum Club. True to the spirit, The After Party will feature renowned international and local DJ, spearheaded by DJ Marlo, DJ Osvaldo, DJ Andi Liu, DJ Altuna, DJ Randy & DJ Dendy.

Colosseum Club boasts one of the most spectacular lighting system in the world, designed by world’s foremost lighting artist whose work spans the best clubs in Ibiza and New York. The LEDs and multi-colored laser are sure to bring thrills worthy of the biggest dance music festival in Indonesia, and then some. Colosseum Club is also powered by the best sound system in the world as evident by the distinct Funktion-One system that adorns its floor and ceiling.

There is no other venue that can deliver this kind of excitement. The After Party will not only be an extension of the ASOT650 ID, it will be a party that is worth remembering by itself.


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