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Colosseum Jakarta

What if you were told that there is one entertainment arena in Jakarta to trump them all? What does Colosseum have that no other place in Jakarta offer? How do you impress a city of 10+ million populations? What can you build as the pride of Jakarta?

Enter Colosseum; the finest entertainment arena that spans over 1,000 sqm. Colosseum starts the quest by flaunting its size. Think you have seen high ceiling before? Try 16 meters. That’s right. 1,000 square meter of floor area with 16 meters ceiling. This allows us to present an angle you can’t find anywhere else in town: balcony view of the stage. Then comes one masterpiece as the main event.

We brought the craftiest lighting designers in the world whose work have graced the best clubs in Ibiza and New York. We gave them the canvas no other place can give them: our size. What happened when you give an artist the ultimate canvas? A masterpiece: Colosseum.

Powered by the best audio system in the world, Colosseum brings you a new dimension in the entertainment world. Music concerts become livelier. DJs become .. well, better DJs.

What sets us apart

Once you come to Colosseum, you know what the pinnacle of entertainment really is. We tune every elements that can amplify your enjoyment and make it bigger, better, and grander. All other places can vie for second place.

Breathtaking Visuals

Two things you WILL do: open your mouth and take your camera out. It’s that good! Share your snaps with us on Twitter or Instagram

Crisp Sound

Colosseum sound system is powered by Funktion-One. Simply the best sound system in the world. Hear it for yourself.

Mothership Size

1,000 square meter floor area with 16 meter ceiling. Mothership!

Upcoming Events

Wed, 19 Sep 2018
Thu, 20 Sep 2018
Fri, 21 Sep 2018
Sat, 22 Sep 2018
Fri, 28 Sep 2018
Sat, 29 Sep 2018
Fri, 12 Oct 2018

In Their Words

  • I just got off the stage here at Colosseum, what a beautiful club, I just can’t believe how amazing this place is, definitely one of the best club in the world.

    Jakarta, thank you so much.

  • The Crowd is unbelievable, it was really epic. Such as warm welcome and I love it.
    Thank you and I love you trance family in Indonesia.

  • Hi, I Just finished my set here in Colosseum. I just want to thanks to all of the crowd, you guys are amazing.
    Really looking forward to comeback soon, thank you.

  • I think Colosseum is one of the best club I’ve ever been to, the sound system is amazing, the production is amazing, the crowd is one of the best.

    I think everyone should visit Colosseum at least one in their life. So, I can’t wait to be back here again.

  • Hi, I’m John O’Callaghan and I’m just off the deck of Colosseum Club in Jakarta. I had a fantastic time, amazing crowd…
    Thank you so much Jakarta, and hope to see you again.

  • Hi I’m Emma Hewitt, I just performed at Colosseum Club for the very first time, I’m absolutely blessed, the people is fantastic, the club is amazing, sound system is fantastic. I absolutely love it, I hope to be back again, thanks for having me.

  • Oh my God! Colosseum, this is out of my head. Check out the light, sound and visual. The best club I have ever been to!

    Jakarta I love you so much.

  • We’re here at Colosseum club Jakarta, just finished my set. What can I say, amazing club, everything inside is brilliant. Sound system is unbelievable and light system is crazy. I will suggest to every DJ to play here, because it’s amazing.

    Thank you so much for tonight and hope we’ll be back soon.

  • I like the DJ booth, it’s in the perfect position on the stage. With the big screen on the back and front, the LED system and CO2 mega cannon, PERFECT…!!
    This is one of the best club in the world because of the sound system, the lighting system and the atmosphere in this club.

    I really have a good time, see you next time.

  • Perform di Colosseum adalah yang paling menyenangkan, karena Colosseum menyajikan sound dan lighting yang paling mutakhir the best dari semua club di Indonesia.

    Semoga tempat ini menjadi the best club di Asia.